After driving around the streets of Linden and Parkhurst on a Sunday morning, realising that all the restaurants we had in mind were closed, we decided to park off and take a walk to look for a spot. Nice on 4th certainly caught our eye.


We walked into a packed restaurant bursting with enthusiasm and mouth watering smells. We were greeted by the loveliest staff and owner and were seated next to the window. The decor is simple with homely touches which echoes the atmosphere and energy of the people.

We usually struggle to choose between a sweet and savoury breakfast. When we read through the menu and saw the “half and half” option, that’s unique to Nice on 4th, our day was already brightened. The half and half option consists of a savoury breakfast and a sweet breakfast. Isn’t that the greatest idea?

We ordered the veg half and half and the veg basket. The veg half and half consisted of a veg toast basket (that is literally in the shape of a basket) filled with a poached egg, sautéed mushrooms, tomato relish and avocado. The sweet option was a stack of crumpets filled with mascarpone cheese, syrup and strawberries. The veg toast basket consisted of the same as the half and half option, except no crumpets and instead an extra toast basket.


To drink we ordered our usual Americano and cappucino. You probably already know our standard drink order by now. As busy as the restaurant was, our coffees and food arrived in record time. We spent substantially less time taking photos of our food as we were too eager to devour our hearty breakfast.


This delicious breakfast, good coffee and friendly atmosphere will keep us coming back!

Trading hours:

Tuesday to Sunday: 07:30 – 16:00

Monday: Closed






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